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Echo Pro FAQ


Q: I can only hear the delay. I cannot hear the original, dry notes. I've reset the factory presets, and nothing seems to work.

A: It sounds like you're in Mix Mode "Loop". To solve that please do the following:

1. Press MIDI/Sys

2. Turn the Program knob until the Display shows "MX"

3. Turn the Time knob until the display shows "PROG"


That should allow you to set the dry/wet ratio on each individual program. If you picked the unit up used, you might also want to download a copy of the EchoPro Manual for future reference.


Q: How does the loop sampler work?

A: The Echo Pro features a Loop Sampler model with 60 seconds of loop time in normal mode and 2 minutes of loop time at Half-Speed.


Note on DRIFT: There is no midi clock sync between two Echo Pro units in loop mode. There will be some drift between the loops if they are playing indefinitely. If they only play for a short time there should not be too much of a sync problem without the Midi clock sync. We have not run a test and found out exactly how long it would take for the loops to fall out of sync. However a good estimate would be somewhere in the range of 3-4 minutes before you notice some difference in clock rates between the two loops.


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