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  1. What cab emulation does the DT50 use? Thanks
  2. I've seen a lot of topics on this but none really deal with my exact situation. I recently bought a POD HD500X and the DT-50. I absolutely love the IV voicing on my DT50 for my main rhythm/heavy tone ( I use the pentitode, class B setting with this). I love it so much that I absolutely do not want to use any preamp from the POD HD500X for my normal rhythm tone, maybe just the noise gate from the POD. However I DO want to use my POD for all the other tones I plan to make. (clean, spacey, ect, tones with the POD preamps that is) So I guess my question would be.... How do I set up my rig (POD HD500X and DT-50) so that I can switch between the rhythm tone I created on the DT-50 (using the DT-50's preamp, pentitode and class B settings), and all the other patches I plan to switch to on my POD HD500X, I need to be able to switch back and forth between all these tones for the music we are doing, which was a breeze on my VETTA. But now I'm having issues with this. If I can't work this out I'll have to return the HD500x and figure something out... If this simply isn't achievable, I'd like the straight answer from someone so I can return what I need to return. Any suggestions, tips (for newbies to the DT-50/PODHD combo) or guides that I can be linked to (video preferred if possible) would be really great. Thanks.
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