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  1. UPDATE: Good news!! after playing around with the XTLive and thinking there has to be something wrong... (else why even have a RJ45 on the guitar!) I finally found the problem. Each patch has a setting waaaaayyy at the end of the menu stream to turn on "Control" of the Variax Acoustic. Once I found that setting I was able to dial in the model I want to use and save it with the entire patch. Voila!!! Now I can accomplish what I originally intended to do. I was discouraged for a while - but my persistence paid off. Now I can have that acoustic 12 string intro, and with my foot change the patch and the guitar model simultaneously, to enter overdriven acoustic heaven! LOL
  2. I've played around with it a bit and the XT Live does not react in the same was as my 300. With my 300 I can recall whatever guitar models are saved to a certain patch and they consistently recall. Not so with the AC700... after saving a present and switching to another, the guitar models are jumbled - sitar or banjo might appear where I was hoping for a sweet Jumbo or 12string model. Disappointing. I was really hoping to utilize the pedal for live foot switching between 12 string, dreadnought and alternate tunings... Bummer!
  3. This is slightly off topic, but since you guys have engaged with me here, I wanted to ask another question regarding my Acoustic 700. (Did a quick search on the forums and didn't find an answer) I have an old XTLive that still works very well. Can it control and switch the guitar models on my Acoustic 700 with the RJ45 cable, the same way it does on the 300 or 500 Variaxes? Do either of you have experience with that?
  4. Amen to the visual stimuli comment! That’s the main reason for my original post/question. Fortunately we live in an age where some convincing graphics can be utilized. Again, if and when you do it... I’d love to see what you come up with. Love the look of Wilford! LOL. That’s one sexy looking fringe. Perfect for some countrified picking! :-)
  5. Haha! Glad you had that reaction. I think it looks awesome too. Have you tried the Acoustisonic yet? I would be all over that if it was a thousand dollars cheaper! I still love that I can get a 12 string mixed in with some great sounding acoustic models on my Variax acoustic. Again. I’m just missing a single electric model.
  6. Thanks guys. Sorry for the delayed response. I've had a crazy work schedule... I appreciate both of your insights and comments/suggestions. I've strung my 700 with heavier electric strings (with a plain 3rd G). It makes those impossible bends on a wound 3rd string work on an acoustic! The tone might be slightly different on that string, but I don't notice it and the intonation seems to work just fine! I like the idea of a graphic facade on your 500 jerseyboy. If you do get around to doing that, PLEASE let me know!! I'd love to see how it turns out. I thought about buying a natural finish 700 and adding a graphic sound hole. It would look pretty sweet. I make a quick mock up of it and it looks convincing! haha Is there anybody on here that would know anything about a hack to make my electric dream possible with this acoustic 700 axe??
  7. I recently picked up a Variax 700 acoustic on the used market. I'm new to this forum, (and I realize these guitars have been out of production for nearly a decade) but I wondered if anyone else out there wished there was an electric model available for the Acoustic 700. I know most people will reply with "just buy an electric Variax and you'll have all the acoustic and electric models you need"... I've owned 3 of the older Variax models in the past - including a 300, 500, and 700, but I'm now more interested in doing acoustic gigs, with the occasional need for electric tones. I really like the look of the acoustic 700, and I'm satisfied with the acoustic models and features... I just really think it would have been smart for Line 6 to include at least one single model of a Les Paul, or a Strat for acoustic players who may sporadically need an electric tone for a solo, or distorted passage. Am I alone in wishing there was at least a single "electric" guitar model on the acoustic? One of the exciting things about the Variax for me from day one, was the fact that you could play a convincing acoustic model on what appeared to be an electric guitar! It blew my mind. Why not flip the equation and make it possible to play a convincing electric guitar solo on what appears to be a typical acoustic guitar!? I'd love to hear your thoughts. I'd love it even more if someone from Line 6 would say that it's possible to add an electric guitar model via a software patch to my legacy Acoustic 700!! :)
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