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    No tones on spider remote

    same here, absolutely nothing found regardless of search term, i’ve relogged, uninstalled/ reinstalled app/ restarted device (iphone) is is the cloud down? lol is that even possible
  2. anthony_sapone

    adjusting gain with expression pedal?

    Ok all you dial tweekers and deep edit divers..I have a Q for ya. So i'm currently run'n the 240hc with a cab and the FBV3 and can honestly say i'm pretty impressed! I turned to this rig after running the Line6 Vetta ii HD many years ago (was a working musician for many years) but sadly had to part ways with it some time ago. One of the many many things I loved about that head was "dual modeling" running distortion through one side of the cab while running clean through the other (sweet baby jesus I miss that) So my Q is that however I do understand that you can manipulate delays/reverbs through the S5's exp pedal...is there a way I can control the modded amp its'elf? ie go from lets say heel position at minimal gain to toe at 50%