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  1. Hilarious and oh so true! Same for me too.
  2. Ok thanks I'll try it but all the Line 6 programs have installed ok and have been used before to update ok.
  3. Yes all up to date thanks. In fact uninstalled & reinstalled older versions just in case. All to no avail.
  4. Hi all I have installed the latest Monkey & Workbench HD. I am using a Mac with Mavericks. When I connect my JTV69 to the computer I get two green lights (yes that means that I have a connection and that a jack is plugged in). However Monkey won't see the guitar and Workbench says that I need version 2.0 before I can use Workbench HD. (I have used it before now so that's a puzzle). I think that I am on version 1.9. Any help appreciated. Gary
  5. Hi all I have just ordered a Grandmeister 36 guitar amp made by Hughes & Kettner. Every setting on this amp can be controlled by midi with an iPad! Truly amazing. So now I need a midi adaptor for my iPad 2 & I would like to know if this device, Midi Mobilizer 2, will work? Cheers Gary
  6. fatjac

    Dt25 & M13

    Ok thanks. What device then?
  7. fatjac

    Dt25 & M13

    Hi all I have been using an M13 for a few years now with various amps and I am thinking of buying a DT25. Could anyone let me know what level of control the M13 would give me over the amp please? What I would be looking for would be to set patches on the M13 that would automatically select the pre amp and power amp models. Is this going to be possible or would I need a more comprehensive midi controller or POD? TIA Gary
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