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  1. Hi, I have 2 Spider amps of 150 watts, I will like to use de powerstage to amplifie my Helix, only problem,.... those amps do not have an effects loop, or connections to can achieve this porpoise, it will be possible that some one by line6, can give me a hand, and tell me how to separate the preamp,(effects) and the amplification stage, I have invest lots of money in many Line6 equipment, and I will love to can recicle them, and give them a new function, thanks. Some of the people here at the forum...some ideas?? Thanks every one. Peace.
  2. nothing yet...today I will get new cable USB/MIDI
  3. I have found this and at least it looks like it is updating.... I will post further progress
  4. Superb thanks, I do not know, how to do the update, and I am running out of ideas I have searched for vids on the internet, but there are a few, and not related to this particular issue I have the cable connection from USB to MIDI, but it may be an old one (cud it be the problem?) I have a 1-year-old mac air, so the computer I am sure it works fine the further that I get with the update is to connect the cables the software from line6 does not recognize the M13 When I try to open de Flash update, it does not find an application to open it Thank a lot to answer me, really... I bought this M13 second hand from a guy who never really use it, so it is in a mint condition when I put it on on the mode to update, stay in the mode saying "waiting for command" so there is not a further very tell with an end so perhaps I have to make a film and send it to you, but we will see
  5. Hi, people of the forum, it will be someone so kind to help me with the update of the M13 recently bought, the old owner never did an update to the pedalboard, and I was trying yesterday night to do it, but it seems that it is not possible anymore, the worst thing is that does not have any upgrade so just the current 1.04 some help, please.
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