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  1. Thank you so much!!! You solve all my questions. Thanks again. Pd: I'm a tweaker :)
  2. Thank you SO MUCH! Let me ask one more thing, please. Is there any "restriction" using modeling? Or I can use any Amp in my POD? Any recommendation? Thanks in advice!
  3. Hi guys, I'm really excited about my new gear, but I'm really newby too. I wanna know if this scheme is correct: 1 - I connected an XLR cable from Pod to Dt50 head (Im using my old 4x12 Marshall cabinet) 2 - I connected my guitar (Stratocaster) to my Pod 3 - ...Now what? Is this topology right? Does this ... sound? Do I need to connect another cable from pod guitar out to dt50 input? This is driving me crazy, and I now its a silly question, but I cant find any demo o tutorial that shows this.. Thanks and sorry about my poor english.
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