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  1. I just download them again to be sure...still nothing.... if i want to have my 5.1 speakers connected to my pc... and not connected to ux1...and somehow I want to connect the ux1 with the pc... where do i put what? It is driving me crazy... I am using it for years with that method and i did not have a problem...
  2. I'v tried it...! Still nothing... I have it many years....and the way i connect it all these years is...monitor in in an input in pc...speakers in output pc...and it always worked... I tried the ways that video says... still nothing...something with the win 10 and defaults properties in speakers/recording is messed up... I try to put it in a pc for win 10 for example... still delay...:(
  3. Ive try both ways of connecting it...Still nothing...The strange thing is that I can hear my delayed sound even I don;t have an sound cable in...It plays ony with the usb... delayed ofcource Any ideas?
  4. I try to use my ux1 , in windows 10 after a format. Can somebody help me like i have never used or conected before my ux1 what is the steps and connectivity i must use. I have in instrument the guitar:)... usb to pc analogout i have it on mic (if i put monito in to mic it doeas no play) I am usind a 5.1 sound system connected to the pc write(woofer and soundspeakers where they suposed to be connected and tested). I don;t know if i am usind the connectivity wrong or my pc seetings sound system wrong but I am having a half delay sound. Can anyone help?.. I am using it for many years....now i have this isue and i can not use it.... In an old topic it says, "seems like you're monitoring THRU your PC and recording software, thus you hear your PC's latency... switch monitoring off in the track, and use PodFarm Standalone to monitor using the Analog Outs in your UX1" I have no idea if that is the isue how to do it...
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