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  1. My HD500X keeps getting stuck on the loading screen while powering up. It's on a continuous loop of the 'Line 6' logo, and sometimes just comes up with a blank screen. I'm guessing there is no problem with the power cable as it is able to power up, just the logo is on repeat. I have tried holding the left button and plugg in in the unit, but no difference. I have also tried uninstalling/ installing ALL software and still no difference! I may be forced to send my unit back, but if somebody out there has a solution to this then I would greatly appreciate it.
  2. Fairly noob question as I used to just run a head straight into my 2x12 cab. I would like to use a Magnum 44 as a power amp for my HD500X then into my cab. Which inputs and leads would I have to use? Cheers
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