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  1. I have a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe that consider my main amplifier. But, I also have a Flextone III Plus that is a fantastic amplifier. I have the extension cab too. I use a pedalboard that has a compressor, OD, volume pedal, tuner, chorus, phase shifter, delay, and clean boost. The tone of this amp is great, but it doesn't like my ODs or clean boost. I have my signal chain with the clean boost first from the amp. Through my Fender, everything works and sounds great. Through the Flextone III, the clean boost and OD doesn't really do anything. Any suggestions?
  2. Issue is resolved!! I run my Flextone III Plus with Flash Memory v1.00. I never have liked v1.10. It takes the patches and lowers the volume on patches with more gain; i.e., if I have a patch and I'm using a certain amp model with certain eq and such, if I copy that patch to another bank, and set the gain level higher, v1.10 actually makes the volume lower. So, I have always used v1.00. I decided to upgrade the flash memory to 1.10. That resolved the issue but gave me the stuff I didn't like about v1.10. I reverted back to v1.00 and the issue did not come back. Again, upgrading flash memory resolved the issue. Reverting back to v1.00 didn't bring the issue back. Case closed....
  3. I have a Flextone III Plus and the 112 extension cabinet that goes with it. Plugged my rig up a couple of days ago and noticed a pronounced difference in volume between the two; with the 112 extension cabinet being noticeably louder and brighter than the amp itself. Never experienced this before. Nothing has changed. This is my recording/practice rig; so, it stays put. The only changes I make are to patches and that's always with Line 6 Edit. Anyone have any thoughts on this? I thought about doing a factory reset and then just re-upload my patches. I know that sometimes the software/logic gets loopy and a factory reset usually resolves the issue. also, all speaker wires are connected as they are supposed to be; with the cable going into the "Right Speaker Out".
  4. Thanks for the replies guys. I'm basically wanting a really good floor unit I can run direct to the PA. We play a lot at other churches. When I walk in with an amp, be it my Flextone III, a Fender tube amp, etc, the sound guys just cringe; let alone if I bring in my Flextone III ext cab. I believe Line 6's POD products are good enough for me to be able to pack up the unit and my guitar and plug the XLR outs to the house and get a good tone. So, that's what I'm looking to do....
  5. I have a line on a used HD300 for a very good price. I have two Flextone III Plus amps; one I use at home and one I keep at church so I don't have to move anything every week. I basically will tweak and change different settings at home then upload them to my amp at church. Pretty easy.... Recently, we had a couple of weeks where the main praise band wasn't going to play. So, I had to cart everything off stage. Not a big deal, but if I had a nice floor POD that I could get to sound as good as my Flextone, that would be cool; because I could pack it up every week and leave the stage clean. From a technical view, is it possible to upload the tones from my Flextone to an HD300? We'll start the dialog there, I guess... Thanks, in advance, for any help. -Butch
  6. I have an FBV Shortboard that I purchased with my Flextone III Plus. It works fine; but as of a week ago, the LED display has been going out randomly. It will come back but I never know when. I'm thinking that I might have a loose connection somewhere. I take it everywhere and all the loading/unloading might have jostled something loose. Anyone experience this before?
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