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  1. I am a HD500X user that is looking at a Firehawk for simplicity. One question I have is the bluetooth streaming. With the Aux jack on the HD500X, I can plug in various devices, laptop, iphone/pad, etc and use various apps from my ipad (my music library, spotify, jam tracks, etc). I like that flexibility. So a couple questions: 1. Can you connect any Bluetooth device and stream from that device even if I am not running running the firehawk app. For example, if I want to jam to spotify tracks and play that through the firehawk (outside the app) 2. Can the firehawk hold multiple paired devices or would I need to re-pair each device every time I switched devices? Ultimately I am trying to see if it has the same flexibility as the Aux port or am I locked into the Firehawk App.
  2. I have a 500HDX and am looking for a simpler interface. One thing that comes in handy of the 500X when playing through a guitar amp using the 4 cable method is the ability to use a pre-amp model in the 500HDX and then using the FXloop to buy pass the guitar amp preamp and only using the power amp portion of the guitar amp. I see on the firehawk you can select "no amp" but is there away to use model preamps as I described on the 500HDX?
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