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  1. The buzzing sound occurs when nothing is plugged in. If I push the volume to maximum, it disappears. I never really noticed it until I tried to plug it in. So maybe it's dying. 😠L
  2. HI, I'm trying to use my spider IV-15 with a mixer. When I plug the output to the mixer, I hear a"grounding" noise, the type of noise a needle used to make when using record players. If I push the volume at maximum, I don't hear the sound anymore. I just realized, now, that the amp makes a buzzing noise also, permanently. But when the guitar is playing, I don't notice it because it covers the buzzing. If I push the volume to maximum, the buzzing disappears. However, the sound in the mixer is distorted. So, is this buzzing sound normal? Am I supposed ot hear it except at maximum volume? Thanks, L
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