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  1. Thanks. I will try everything you suggest. Can you explain what you mean in your first paragraph? "Use a couple of cables and match level with the HD using the master out volume. (near full) with no amp or FX on in the path or with the tuner engaged."
  2. Thanks for the reply. My amp does not have an effects loop. It only has a front input.
  3. Im a relatively new POD user and I believe I have done everything necessary to properly run my Pod through my amp. (changed the output settings to combo front, flicked the 1/4 output switch to "amp") I want to use my POD for effects only and harness the true tone of my VOX amp. If I plug the guitar directly into the amp, I get a beautiful warm clean tone. When I run my guitar through my POD and then through the amp, I lose volume and tone. I assumed that by disabling any amp models on my POD that I should get the same tone as I would through a direct connection but I don't. Is this normal? I read in the user manual that if I'm using a tube amp (which I am), that I should try a preamp model from the amp models list. When I do this, I get an even different tone. I'm hoping someone can help me. I'm basically looking for a simple way to use my POD for effects and maintain the natural tone of my guitar and amp pairing. (Tele/VOX sounds really nice)
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