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  1. Hi Guys, Just purchased a Spider Valve 112 mk2 and came across this post. Like previous posts I love this amp however, whilst not exactly the same issue as stevedenney, I too am experiencing a bit of an issue with the master volume. On gig and rehearsal levels there's no problems - channel volume at 12 o'clock, master at 10 o'clock, its when I use the amp at home at lower volumes the niggles begin. Still with channel volume at 12 o'clock and bringing the master up from zero, I get a couple of dead spots on the master volume round the 7 o'clock mark. The only way I've found to circumnavigate this is to dial the channel volume back and then bring the master volume up beyond these 'dead spots'. So I guess my question would be that does it warrant a trip to a service center for a replacement pot, as I'm assuming that this pot is no different to any other carbon/conductive plastic track type of pot and the issue I'm experiencing is not down to some weird interaction between channel and master volumes. Thanks