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  1. I just got the V 240 and recall reading you can record into any IOS recording software. I tried on GarageBand and no luck (yet). Any IOS app recommendations? Does the included Cubase LE have an IOS version? Or is this a mistatement of the product description? If I can't record to IOS this isn't going to work for me. Thanks.
  2. firstly Phil M in looking for a button to respond directly to your helpful post I accidentally downgraded your post. No offering to correct my error here. Nice. sorry dude. That's the last thing I intended to do. Both responses appreciated although my attempts to download 500 sounds to the 500x from the user bank don't work. PDXguitarfreak has a video that kind of shows how to change the file extension. I tried once. I don't get it. Not worth the trouble. Just a disappointing surprise when "upgrading" to the 500x from the 500...a pointless upgrade in my opinion....and too close to the release of the 500. Not sure how Line 6 did with that but from my perspective if they didn't shoot themselves in the foot they shot me in the foot. And Again I have to thank Line 6 for not making clear enough for casual users like myself what one would lose by moving from an HD to Firehawk. For me it was a mistake. And I imagine for others too. I can see now this Firehawk is a step backwards from the HD. I liked the simplicity of the Firehawk board itself and IOS looked promising. IMO the app is very limited. I had no idea you lose dual sound. And my fault but I swore you got all the HD amps in the Firehawk. my bad. I'm out, taking this back. And yes, was looking to use Firehawk as my sound card as I do with 500x. PC has a problem with Firehawk and troubleshoot failed. Again. over and out Firehawk FX.
  3. Just got it. Many concerns. 1) So can the amps be expanded with the new Firmware update for the 500x? 2) I swapped it out of my PC system...took out HD500x and put in Firehawk (as interface) and now I get no sound from my PC...but it does play sound from my IPad (YouTube etc) huh? that ain't gonna work guys... 3) No dual sound patches with Firehawk? 4) Tone library must be searched specifically by a phrase...I can't just browse the whole user tone bank? Ugh. 5) Not even listed in the Monkey. again, no sound from PC. just very confused as a 500 and 500x owner regarding what I am losing besides 21 HD amp models. None of the release info from Line 6 has addressed the concerns of HD owners looking to move to the Firehawk. Right now I'm going to piddle around with it but if I keep hitting seeming dead ends with no support from Line 6 I'm just going to take it back. I love the Line 6 products but the last 2 years have been weird with these pedals...the HD500 replaced by the 500x (which I did) and then lost all the vast user generated patches in the tone library. For what? now the Firehawk seemed to be bringing all the benefits of HD and the older sound engine together...but there's an abundance of old amps in comparison to HD amps and no offer to get this thing fully HD updated. I'm a fairly intelligent dude guys but I have no idea what the Firehawk vs HD 500 vs 500x benefits/losses amount to...and I've owned all 3. help.
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