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  1. Hi @jinxjinxsen your solutions for no internet connection issue also worked for me!I Thank you GENIUS jinxjinxsen. I had an issue which Spider Remote 2.0 failing to launch in the begging in April 2020. But I gave up that issue and used previous version Spider Remote for a while. Then I switched to another PC, the Spider Remote 2.0 worked somehow finally. And then I was facing the no internet connection issue a couple weeks ago. Now it was solved. By the way, Line6 tech support is kind a slow. I have sent a customer complain message regarding the failing to launch issue to YAMAHA HEAD QUATOR in Japan. Yes, they replied to me with proper wording in timely manner. But that is it, nothing responds afterwards.
  2. Hi All, I have a same issue on Spider V Remote software (v2.00) with the pc (win10). In my case, it stays off status all the time. But I found a fixing solution in other community which is Spider V Remote no internet access detected < see the instruction by jinxjinxsen.
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