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  1. Thanks guys! I'll give it a shot with the 4CM but im thinking it'll probably be better if I part ways with the vox and get something like the powercab, the tube factor is cool and all but i really only want it so i have the feel of an amp in the room more than anything
  2. I've been looking around but can't find a clear awnser on this. I have an old Vox Valvetronix 100w head and cab. Id like to use the high gain amp models but have them come through the cab. I understand that you need a power amp and i was hoping i could just connect the helix to the front, use an amp model going into the head ie 5150, then have that models sound come through the cab. Would it work if I have my head on the clean channel, turned up to get the tubes going, then add a standard patch minus the cab sim? (If that would work, i assume that youd still get some minor colouring from the real amp)
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