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  1. Same issue here. I plugged into my PC, and both the mic functions work fine but when you switch to guitar mode and plug a guitar in it can't handle any guitar's pickups. You need to put the guitar's volume to almost zero, which makes the guitar sound really thin and bad, and that's just not right. Put the volume up to a reasonable level on a guitar and there is silence when you strum, then the audio creeps back as if there was some kind of noise gate stopping it. I have attached a file of me strumming and then you hear what the SonicPort VX is doing to the signal. Same guitar and cable direct to the amp or to any other interface, and you get no issue whatsoever. Would love to know if there is a fix or whether any SonicPort VX with this issue is now an expensive paperweight. It is a shame that nobody has had a definitive answer despite many having had the same problem now. Hope somebody out there has the solution :) Thanks for reading. 200427_0224.mp3
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