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  1. Thanks for your reply silverhead I did not change any of the default looper settings (screenshot attached). My config is full speed mono.
  2. Thanks for your reply Sami I think your formula is not correct, instead of 2^24 it should probably be 24 since 24 bits (3 bytes) are sampled 48000 times per second -> ~8MB for 1 minute which makes sense since an audio CD is ~650MB for 44100Hz/16Bit/Stereo. I don't think memory is the issue in this case...
  3. Hi all I'd like to record a loop (bass) and play it back while changing the cab's settings (mic type, distance...) so I created the attached chain in which the looper is the first element. It seems to me like the sound is different with the looper engaged than if I play the loop with the same settings. Am I doing anything wrong? Thanks in advance
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