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  1. Acoustic modelling would be my next step. Pickups modifiers are exactly what I'm trying to achieve right now, but I sample FabFilter as it's simply a much better EQ than what's on the Helix.
  2. Sascha, what a great idea! I tested your Dirac and it's as transparent as can be: if place it on a parallel path, raise the level by 6.2dB and flip phase, I get virtually complete cancellation. I'm gonna use this for all my EQ sampling needs. Thanks so much!
  3. I can export the sweep from IRU, process the file in Pro Tools, but then I need to deconvolve it. I can't reimport it into IRU as it needs to be a .SDIR file, and for the life of me I can't find a way to convert .WAV to .SDIR (though I can find the other way around, which I'm currently doing with the XLD app). I'm giving Reaper a shot right now!
  4. How do you mean exactly? The sweep happens in Impulse Response Utility, and needs to be recorded back into IRU. However, I can't load plugins in IRU, so I have to send the signal from IRU, to Logic to process it with the EQ, back into IRU to record and deconvolve it. Are you suggesting something else and I'm not getting it?
  5. Thanks Ilya. The issue is I haven't found anything for Mac other than the Impulse Response Utility. For example, Voxengo is PC only. I'll keep searching. Thanks for the tip about the pre-transient bit!
  6. Thanks for the reply Ilya. I did a test sampling the same signal chain, but with none of the EQ bands engaged. The result was a flat sounding IR. This is a screenshot of the IR giving me troubles. The cursor is at about 0.8 into the sample. If I can ask a few questions, in your experience: 1- Is there a correlation between IR length and frequency resolution? 2- Is everything before the transient "supposed" to be there? I sampled with a sine sweep. 3- Where would you trim the sample? 4- Is a minimal DC offset to be expected? Cheers!
  7. After some experimenting, I realise that the shorter I trim the IR the better less mud I get. But there is a tipping point after which if I cut it too short I start losing the effect of the sampled IQ. That threshold seems to be 3 wave cycles. Is there a way to calculate how short I can go with the IR? Should I consider just keeping everything above a specific amplitude and trim the rest? Also, it sounds to me like fading in/out doesn't matter as long as I'm at zero crossing. I'd love to read something about this, so if anyone has references please send them over. I can't find anything online.
  8. I'm dipping my toes into creating my own IRs for the Helix. It's mostly experiments with EQ curves, I'm not really interested in cabs right now. When loading my own IR, I'm finding an odd side-effect: my signal gets muddy. There is a noticeable boost in low end and I feel like something odd is happening with the phase (though I'm not 100% sure on that one). This is true even if I'm just sampling a flat eq with a notch at 6kHz. Is there something in the process of creating an IR that might create this side effect? I'm using Logic's Impulse Response Utility, sending the sweep out to Soundflower into a channel in Logic with an instance of FabFilter Pro-Q2. No linear phase is activated. I then convert the files to Wav, edit them in Pro Tools and bring them into the Helix. Another thing I'm noticing is that unless I use a hi-pass filter, I get some DC-offset. Anyone had similar experience?
  9. Ok, so I understood correctly the first time around. My confusion was I thought USB Input was stuff that goes TO the computer and not having the Helix with me I couldn't test it. Thanks rd2rk!
  10. Oh no, I did understand the part about headphones and I understand that that is not possible like you say. But regarding my first question: can I monitor Logic's output through 1/4" only (without having to go through blocks and using up a path) while monitoring my Helix bass path through XLR only? That I'm not sure I understood correctly.
  11. I did go to the Global Settings, but I figured what I was looking for was USB Out rather than In. Thanks for that! I guess Headphones Out would share DAC with either 1/4" or XLR, so there is no way to have it completely isolated from the two. Thanks! Edit: or maybe I'm not getting your point and you are telling me that what I'm trying to achieve is not possible...? I don't have the Helix on hand now but will give it a shot tomorrow.
  12. Hello folks, I want to use the Helix LT live to output my bass through XLRs and my Logic session with stereo synths through the main 1/4" outs. I know this can be done by creating a parallel path with the input coming from USB 1-2 and the output going to 1/4" while keeping the bass amp on XLR out only. However, both my DSP use parallel paths for my bass and I don't have a path to spare for the computer output. Since this is not a resources issue but rather a user interface one, is there a way to tell the Helix to output USB 1-2 to 1/4" only without going through paths and blocks on the Helix interface? I'll add: is there a way to do a similar thing to send Return 2 to Headphones Out? I'd like to use that as an in-ear preamp.
  13. I can see how it might be cause for trouble, but I think it could be easily circumvented by automatically disabling certain I/O when selecting them from the Send block, much like the Path 2A+2B option is greyed out when the merge box is not brought on the B chain on Path by 1. The lack of extra paths per DSP definitely looks like it’s a simple design/interface decision, which I can understand on a basic level, but I don’t see why they wouldn’t give advanced users the choice to “mess up” their interface by choosing extra paths. It could even be an option that’s buried in some advanced menu for all I care. No point to have these arbitrary limitations. Fingers crossed for firmware 3.0.
  14. You got it all right, but what I was trying to say is that I need parallel path 1B for some effects pre-DI split, hence the reason why I couldn’t use it as my DI chain. Yes it would. I’m pretty surprised this isn’t possible, but I’m not complaining. I discover new, incredible flexible ways to achieve things everyday with the Helix. When using the 2 send method I showed in the pic above, the delay was there obviously as they can’t account for DA/AD, but I was pleasantly surprised to find out that there is no phase difference when summing into an external mixer a signal coming from Path 1 with a signal coming from Path 2. Looks like this is it then: I either give up the parallel path on Path 1, or I keep using the unprocessed DI via the Send on Path 2. Thanks everybody for chiming in!
  15. Thanks for taking the time. It might have not been too clear from the first post, but the problem is that path 1 is already split in A and B and I need the effects to come before the DI send, so I don’t have any other splittable paths. Unless there exist techniques that I don’t know of, the only options right now are: - Send 1 to DI box before amps in path 2 - Giving up the parallel path on DSP 1
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