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  1.     do you mean.... a short jumper cable in the fx loop = a clean booster?
  2. Hi guys, I have an ep booster, and when i use a real amp, i put it in the loop of the amp. it works quite well. but when i put ep booster in the fx loop of hd500, it makes much noise and cannot perform as well as putting in the loop of real amp. Does anyone have good suggestion about putting an ep booster in the hd500 chain? Or can anyone tell me which part of the chain works as a loop of real amp? so that i can try to put ep booster in that part. thanks,
  3. Hi, I noticed some clean tone amps, like 'Blackface Dbl' and 'Blackface 'Lux', have a channel named Vib. What's the feature of this Vib channel? Or what's the different between vib and nrm? thanks
  4. Yes, they are powered monitors
  5. Hi, i noticed that headphones rated between 150-600 ohm are recommended to connect hd500. How about monitor speakers? i plan to buy a pair of monitor speakers of 12k ohm, can i connect it to hd500? thanks, Stan
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