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  1. So... @HonestOpinion... this is kinda weird... tried with another cable... didn't help... (tried the "programming on a different switch", also didn't help). Then I restored from another backup (from nov 2020, lost track of which FW version), also didn't help. THEN went back to latest backup (which I did before 3.11). AND NOW IT'S WORKING!!! Thanks to everyone who gave me input (special thanks to @HonestOpinion ).
  2. Hey rd2rk and yalyari, thanks for reaponding. rd2rk: The MC-6 is setup exactly the same as your controller. yalyari: I have no midi connections between the HXS and MC-6 and midi thru is set to off. It has been working before I updated to FW 3.1. I control some other stuff with the MC-6, effects on/ off, tap/ tempo for delay, tuner on/ off. And one bank that controls the looper functions. Everything works, except preset up/ down.
  3. I’ve updated to 3.11, didn’t solve the problem :(
  4. Hey phil_m Thanks for responding:) It really doesn’t matter if I use toggle mode on or off. Tried both, same thing happens, when I press the switch it just starts scroll through all the presets.
  5. I have a Morningstar MC-6 hooked up to my HX Stomp via midi and have programmed it so two of the switches emulates FS4 and FS5 on the Stomp (CC#52 & 53). And in the global settings on the Stomp I’ve set up FS4 to preset down and FS5 to preset up. But when I press the switches it starts scrolling through all the presets and the only way to stop it is to turn off the Stomp. I think it got this way when I updated to FW 3.1. Is this a known bug or am I doing anything wrong? Anyone having any suggestions? Thanks in advance :)
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