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  1. yes.I forgot how. but I used to do it . you need a Maudio uno midi cord that costs like 15$ Im searching how I used to do it.
  2. I connect a metal muff in topology 2 with the drive at 9 oclock with the dist. at 10 - 12 oclock and level adj. to level with no problems.. no clipping heard. I also use it as a clean boost on all channels I set it with the dist on 0 and the level maxed. ive also used a ts9 wich tightens it up. Overall it acts like a regular amp with boosts in front.
  3. OK... I went to the shop and played another dt 25 and a dt50 both reacted the same as mine...Highly unlikely that they were having the same problems ...I could have swore the drive knob didn't effect volume... I must been imagining things? ive ran a metal muff infront of the amp as a boost for so long I must have forgot how it was supposed to react on its own... Anyway thank you guys for the help.... and I LOVE LOVE the DT editor sooo much ...way more than running a hd500 in front something about how organic it sounds...more of a plug and play type editor. I think I end up with to many options with the hd500/dt 25 that I constantly think about tweaking but with the dt editor I end up playing for ever.I dig the doom with a boost infront!!! and the electrik
  4. I have windows 7 it seems there for mac os ?
  5. wasn't there an actual line6 editor for the dt series amps? I thought I remember seeing one but didn't download it
  6. OK ....no difference. the only amp model that's right is 1 and 4.
  7. I do have the amp hooked to the pc with midi so maybe. I will try that. so I hold the amp type down and the pentode/triode up?
  8. OK in topology 2 my drive knob is acting like a volume knob like in topology 1 I don't have dt edit installed so I couldn't have messed with that could I?
  9. Ive been using my DT25 hd500 combo for a little over a year with good results but 3 months ago I started using just the amp with pedals in front of it. ive been using a metal muff in topology 2 with good results. recently I stopped using the pedal and I noticed that the drive knob acting like it is in topology 1 and I don't have really any drive/distortion using the drive knob.. just volume. I remember the drive knob only affecting the volume in topology 1. I wonder if the metal muff somehow messed it up?? Is there a reset or does the reflash take care of that
  10. My dt 25 head is responding like topology 1 when using the drive knob in topology 2 and 3. the drive knob on topology 2 is acting like a volume knob like it would in topology 1. ive reflashed and still the same.
  11. here is the thread on ultimate guitar. http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1609514&highlight=dt25
  12. I was on a forum on ultimate guitar trying to explain how the DT amp switches its power amp to 4 different analog configurations. Was called a liar and mis informed. It seems they think it works the same as a spidervalve using a single fixed power amp.
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