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  1. Hello Partev, thanks for your answer. Going back to the problem with my Variax (the LEDs shows the battery charge but the guitar doesn't turn on with battery), I found this image in the Full Compass website and made me think maybe the battery problem in my Variax is a loose contact. Is the attached image OK for a Variax JTV-59? Any tip to make that checking by myself? By the way, following your previous advice, I bought a battery #98-034-0003. It's on the way. I hope to meet you at Winter NAMM someday. Thanks in advance, Tribaltch
  2. Hi, my main guitar processor is a POD HD500X and I was lucky to get a JTV-59 second hand at a good price. Unpacking, I noticed the VDI USB interface box was still sealed, so I deducted the previous owner just used the JTV-59 as a standard guitar??? I fully charged the battery, 4 LEDs in the guitar but it didn't turn on. Using the VDI cable in the VDI USB interface box, I connected the guitar to the HD500X. The guitar turned on and I could access Line 6 Monkey for a flash memory upgrade and to Workbench HD. In short, my JTV-59 does not work with batteries. I can't discard a problem with the original battery because there are not original replacements available in Germany. Any tip about this? I can find the Cameron Sino batteries available here in Germany, any experience to share? Thanks in advance, Tribaltch
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