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  1. Thanks for the advice. I did end up trying out the 4 cable method and am really enjoying it. It is much easier to get setting where I need them instead of having 3 different volume sources and trying to balalce the EQ on both the firehawk and the DT50. Now my volume is controlled by the Firehawk and all my tones sound great. I will say if you end up doing this. What I did to get the volume correct was turn the level all the way down on the back of the DT50, then turn the Firehawk volume to the max, then play and slowly turn up the volume to where I knew this would be as loud as I want it. Then turn down the Firehawk volume to where I want to be playing at that particular time. I would have to say that the American Clean tone played with the custom Strat I built sounds amazing. Exactly the tone I have been looking for.
  2. I recently purchased a DT50 amp, and wanted a multi-effects. I opted to go with the firehawk fx because I really liked the Bluetooth connectivity and being able to use a tablet to adjust settings, as well as the cloud tone search. Has anyone paired these two together, what kind of settings and such are you setting the amp to, I am struggling with having to adjust the low/mid/high/drive/volume on both the amp and the firehawk to get things sounding good. Any help would be great.
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