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  1. So after not getting a response to this question here on the forums, I decided to just open a ticket. Took a couple of days but I finally received an answer, so I thought I'd share it with you all. Here's the quote from line6 support... "Hi, Sorry about the confusion. Those posts are a little misleading. You can use surge protectors. Those posts are referring to possible causing of failure due to a bad or low cost one. These speakers pull a lot of power and cheaper protectors will sometimes fail or cause issues. So make sure to use one that can handle the wattage the speaker will pull. Thanks, Line 6 Support" Well, there it is. Jeffrey
  2. hey JustStartin', yes, I did open a support ticket. They all seem to be dead quiet. Which is why I am so enraged by this whole thing. I've got appx. $6,000.00 in these speakers but this doesn't seem to matter to the Line6 folks. Hey! They got my money! What more could I expect?!? It's as bad as it can get when they don't even answer a call from one of their certified techs. Thanks for chiming in. I appreciate anyone that tries to help. jeffrey
  3. Just as an update... I have driven this sub 250 miles north of my home to an authorized Line6 repair center. He tech has, for a day and a half now, tried to contact someone…anyone… at Line6 so that he can order parts to repair this thing. He has actually left his phone on speaker and gone about his work at the shop. So far he has not been able to talk to a single person, and he is an "Authorized Line6 Repair Center". Not just any repair center, but the ONLY authorized repair center in all of the southern half of Oregon. The Other repair centers are in Portland, which is another 100 or so miles from me. He has told me that, after this, he will probably drop Line6 from his lineup, which includes OSC/Fender/Allen&Heath/Gibson, and about 20 others. He's a well qualified tech. It's going to be very sad for all the folks in Oregon who own Line6 gear when he drops their company from his roster. And all because Line6 has gone to extensive lengths to put a firewall between their employees and any of us "little folk". All I can wonder is how they expect any of us to promote their gear when we can't even get the lollipop repaired in order to use it onstage and actually promote them? And make no mistake folks… every time we use their gear in a public venue we are promoting their company. In contrast, I have a Presonus mixer (RM32AI) and anytime I've had a question… even a simple one, or a suggestion… I have written a ticket and been in contact with one of their team within the HOUR. And they're in Germany! I was in the green room of Gilly's on a Saturday afternoon and had a question. I opened a ticket and had an answer within the hour… on a Saturday! I only mention this to point out the sharp contrast between a company that actually understands our value as consumers, and a company that seems to think that, once the sale is done, then they are done with us. kind of a "get the money and run" attitude. I'll eventually get this thing repaired… I hope?… then I'm going to sell the entire system for whatever I can get out of it. I know this won't in any way effect Line6. Thing is, we do over 200 dates a year. 250 dates last year. we are at a level in this business that our audiences range from 400 people (small showrooms in Casinos, mostly) to over 5,000 at outdoor events such as the show we just finished, opening for Restless Heart, downtown Reno, Nevada on the 4th of July. These are the events that I'll make sure NO LINE6 GEAR WILL BE USED FOR. Hey, if I can't personally trust the gear, or trust the company, then I can't feel good about having the gear anywhere near our shows. So how do I use the Stagesource speakers in an event of this size? There is always a sound company, using some giant Line Array systems, at these shows. I use the Stagesouce speakers as a "nearfield" system in order to fill out the sound for the audience closest to the stage… the ones too close to get any real quality sound from the line arrays. Jeffrey
  4. just checking back… is there no answer to this? this has been a question asked by Line6 personnel many times, and is easy to search. Just never an actual reason for why using a surge protector is a no-no. But, before I use my system again, I'd like to get some sort of an answer that doesn't include the parent/child answer… "because I said so!" Jeffrey
  5. Either there is something wrong with the "V" on my tablet, or I haven't had enough coffee today. I meant "VOM"... volt/ohm meter. Sorry!
  6. Yes I did. I was fooled by a "good looking" fuse once, many years ago. Since then o always dig out the DOM and check it. While I was at it I also used the DOM to make sure there was actually electricity coming thru the power cord. (I had a cord fool me once, too) Thank you for the suggestion. Does anyone know if I can just purchase a replacement power supply for this thing? Jeffrey
  7. Thank you for the reply. And, yes, the first thing I did was check the fuse. First thing that upset me was the fact that, since this was my first post, a moderator needed to approve it... Which stands to reason that someone in some sort of authority read it. But no comment. I had noticed, while searching this forum, that when something wasn't able to be solved a Line6 person would then recommend opening a ticket. It appeared that this was the was to be okayed to bump it up the ladder after showing that all other options had been exhausted. Too many posts have answers from Line6 personel for me to believe they don't view these posts. Since I know my sub is out of warranty, I have a good idea that it's the switching power supply that's gone bad, and I live 250 miles from the nearest qualified repair guy I was hoping that possibly a Line6 employee would talk with me and hopefully sell me another PS. Trick is to get this Line6person to talk with me. Have you ever called that hell-hole of a phone system they have? Once, I wanted to replace the grill on one of my L3T's and after almost 2 hours of holds and transfers I reached someone that seriously acted as though they didn't know these things even had grills! Needless to say, I still have a dented up grill. I digress... I do understand about folks gigging and such. I just hoped that a company as large as Line6 would have people... Not gigging and such... Helping us folks who are gigging and promoting their gear. Needless to say, I still need help and I'm still not getting any. I do thank you, again, for your reply. It's the kindest thing I've received via Line6 since the sales pitch at the winter NAMM show. Jeffrey
  8. Since my post had to be approved by a moderator it seems to me that someone at Line6 has read this plea for help. These things don't just sit and look pretty in my living room. We are a touring band and actually need our subs to work. More to the point, we have two shows in Nevada Casinos that begin in just under two weeks and I really need some advice in order to get this sub running. With no one willing to offer any help, I'm not about to run out and purchase another one of these subs, only to wind up possibly compounding the problem down the road. You folks at Line6 were kind, courteous and one hell of a sales team when you spent all the time at the winter NAMM show selling me on these. It's really too bad that a few bad points have popped up after the fact. Such as not being any help after the sale. Or... And I love this one... Not being able to update firmware in my speakers without buying an almost $2,000.00 mixer. Nope... Y'all didn't mention that little point. I've tried calling... No help. Actually a terrible version of phone pergitory. Tried searching this forum. Again, no help. Tried posting. Seems I'm being ignored. I know I'm sounding a bit hateful right now. I bought this speaker system before the price drops and have nearly $6,000.00 in it. We tour 250 days a year and I demo these speakers to every musician we meet along the way. And for all of this I can't even get a simple response when I need help? I have a good mind to walk into your booth at NAMM this coming year and tell every living soul about your "service after the sale" policy. Jeffrey
  9. In searching for help on an issue with one of my L3S's not powering up, I've read several posts where people have been asked if they had plugged their speakers into a surge protector and then they have been told not to do that. But never once was there a reason given as to why a surge protector is a bad thing? Up until now I have never heard anyone in our business saying not to use a surge protector. Usually it's just the opposite... Because of bad power/bad wiring/etc., ALWAYS use a surge protector. So I was hoping someone would chime in and explain this for me? BTW, there's still no response with even the slightest of suggestions as to my downed L3S. Thank you for your time, Jeffrey
  10. Hello, I'm hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction for this problem... We worked a job last week, using 2 L3t's & 2 L3s's, and on Friday everything worked as expected... Perfect. At the end of the night I went thru my whole power-down routine and we went home. Saturday night, while turning the gear back on, one of the L3s's wouldn't power up. No "clicking" sound, and no power light. No life whatsoever. I've since brought it home and still no life whatsoever. I use a 1500watt UPS, made by APC, and always connect the speakers AC power via the "surge only" outputs. All smaller gear (mixer, computers, etc) get connected via the battery backup outputs. Nothing was moved or rewired since the Friday night performance. So I don't get how it just "died"? My speakers are just now over the 3 year-old mark, so any repairs are out of warranty. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! If this turns out to be a power supply issue, would it be something that I could replace here at home? I live 250 miles from the nearest service center, and this thing would cost a fortune to ship. Thank you, in advance, for any help! Jeffrey
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