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  1. Some updates. I've been using the UX2 on a clone PC I had built a few years ago for gaming (i7, 12gb RAM, ect). I had recently moved it to an older system I had so I can have a dedicated PC for recording (Pentum D, 12gb RAM). I wanted to build up a rack setup so I didn't troubleshoot the issue in depth until I thought I may still have the issue with the UX8. Tested the UX2 on my i7 and had no lag/pop issues so I figured it may be memory but swapped out some known good ram with same issues. Even formatted the computer and did a clean install of Windows 8.1 (has much better memory management than Windows 7). Then I thought maybe it's not getting enough power (with the UX2 being USB powered). Went down to BestBuy and found a cheap USB 3.0 card (I was shocked they price matched Amazon). Slapped the card in and after loading drivers up. Tested out and not a single issue with lags/pops. I had found a UX8 on ebay that I've been using for about 2 weeks and so far it's been working great. The only thing that's been annoying me is sometimes when I turn on the computer (I turn the UX8 on prior) it doesn't pick it up and I have to reboot.
  2. Thanks for the feedback guys. I think I've decided to hunt for a used UX8. I thought about going with another brand's audio interface however from what I read up will require me to repurchase Pod Farm (platinum as I have all the amp packs as well) and I'd rather not dish out $300 for something I already have.
  3. I've been using a Pod Studio UX2 for the past 4-5 years and recently I've been using it quite a bit where I'm getting constant loud static & pops. After doing extensive troubleshooting I'm almost positive it's hardware (I've been rough with it quite a few times). Since i have to replace the unit, I'm looking to expand my set up to a small rack with a few components, one component being a TonePort UX8. Is there any functional difference that the Pod Studio UX2 would give me that the TonePort UX8 doesn't (obviously the UX8 has more inputs, I'm looking for quality of recording, better build materials, etc.)? I see online that the TonePort UX2 & Pod Farm UX2 are essentially the same product aside color. I have purchased the amp packs for Pod Farm so I would like to keep access to those which is why I'm looking at the UX8. Any input or suggestions will be appreciated. Thank you, -Mike
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