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  1. Hello there, seeking a way to keep my 7 string only and get rid of all others as I often swap from drop C/B /Bb C std /drop D /E or semi tones. Im fed up playing with string gauges, waxing fretboards and so on. Hows the shuriken with helix treating you for such use? Think covering some trivium from old days to killswitch engage/machine head flying to arch enemy tuning and goofing around old SOaDown tunes. I only play home so not seeking a super killer live tone. Just read palm muting isnt great. I see Frog Leap Leo and Raeba use this combo live and never noticed anything in their tone or his covers like plink. Dont want to spend bucks on kemper, digitech drop tune. Variax seems to be the best for what i want. If any metal players could chime in, appreciated. Thanks
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