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  1. I suppose that's the thing, where in GB do I choose the different inputs? So I've opened pod farm again and selected Dual - How in Pod Farm do I choose one preset (Vocal) for one input and a guitar preset for the other??? Thanks Simon
  2. so I'm using the Toneport UX1. using the guitar and mic input on the front of the device
  3. Hi there, Tried this years ago and gave up as I found it very confusing/frustrating.... I'm trying to use Garageband (OSX Mojave) and want to record vocals and guitar from the GB presets. I do not want to use POD Farm. I seem to have a guitar channel and vocal channel in GB but can't get vocals in one and guitar in the other to record at the same time. Do I have to change some settings in the Line 6 Audio device in system preferences? Please helllpppp!!! Thanks Simon
  4. Hi there, wonder if someone could help me out with a input/output issue with these two devices. Computer is Mac Running Yosemite 10.10.1 Before I Plug in the Voicelive play the TonePort UX1 is connected to the mac the usual way via USB with Right and Left Analog outs going to a Hi-Fi so the sound comes from the Hi-Fi speakers. In Sys Prefs Output and input is set to TP UX1. Works fine! Add in the Voicelive play via USB into the mac and the idea is to use the UX1 as the sound card and route the audio to the Hi-Fi, so input in sys prefs is set to Voicelive play and output an TonePort UX1. Input screen in sys prefs when set to voicelive play shows an input level when using the Mic but there is no output through the Hi-Fi. (or through the mac if this is set to 'output') Hope someone can help out with this issue? Thanks Simon
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