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  1. Thank you! That might become helpful. I already talked to a tech and am going to let him have a look (€40) and give me price for fixing it. I'll be sure to let him know what you found! (I've had my ux8 for some five plus years so it sounds about right) //AC
  2. Did you find a solution? I have the exact same problem with my UX8. I have tried everything from changing power outlets to passive/active instruments and "preamping" the signal between the guitar and the UX8. - The problem is solely with the instrument sockets. - It doesn't matter if I have POD-farm turned on or not (or any other software for that matter). The clip remains. - the clip does seem to go away if I turn the guitar (electric - humbucker) down enough. So it seems to have something with the UX8 instrument socket being more "sensitive" now than before. What to do?? Is it possible to fix by remplacing hardware inside the UX8?
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