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  1. Hi! Just bought a Sonic Port VX, connected it to my iPhone 8 (latest IOS 12.3.1), plugged headphones in the phone-out, started the MobilePod 2.0 app, and no matter what I do, I get a latency when monitoring my guitar, that makes the whole thing unusable. I already tried the switch for direct monitoring, but no change. I also reduced the effect/amp-chain to a minimum (Input-Amp-Output) ... also no change. Am I doing something wrong with the gear? When using the Sonic Port with Cubase (6.5 AI), the latency seems gone, but it looks like, there is no software like Gearbox, so I have no amps/effects to select on the PC. Only a Windows driver is provided ... is the Sonic Port really IOS only?!?
  2. there's a setting for the pedal volume (min, max) .... just set it to e.g. max 60% and feel free to turn up the channel volume above 50%. I think it would also work, even without a pedal attached!
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