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  1. ah ok, I thought you were being sarcastic. I really gotta get out more..... lol Yes, i'm aware of oxidation, that's why I sprayed everything out that dealt with the front circuit board. It definitely needed it, it was SO dirty inside, everywhere. I also used a can of compressed air to get rid of dust and dirt before spraying the de-oxit. I bought this rack used and had no idea of the previous owner's usage. It's as clean now as if just coming off Line 6's assembly line. 20 years as an electronics technician here.
  2. Um..... what?? Not sure where you're going with that.
  3. PROBLEM SOLVED !! Today I opened up the unit. removed the connections to the board that has all the control pots. then took a can of D5 De-oxit and sprayed all the contacts of the connectors, and sprayed into every pot as well. turned the pots back and forth a dozen times to work the deoxit in well to clean the pot's wipers, put the connectors back on and tested. the crackling went away !!! put the unit back together and put it back in the rack case. Ready to rock once again! :)
  4. I'm having some major crackling issues on the right side with my POD XT regardless of whether it is connected to (just headphones, front of combo, whatever). Whenever I hit a note on whatever preset there's some crackling, and then as the note dies off the crackling stops immediately (after about 1.5 seconds after the note was initially struck). The "CLIP" indicator doesn't show, and I've tried messing with the output and channel volumes (one all the way up, the other turned mostly down, vice versa) but nothing helps. I reflashed the unit with the latest firmware via line 6 monkey, it's still doing it. for the record. I run this into a Carvin DCM200L power amp to a 2x12. the crackling is happening on the right side for ALL outputs (1/4", XLR, and headphones). I also tried sending the right signal to the EFFECTS RETURN of a tube amp, same result. The problem is DEFINITELY happening internally with this POD XT PRO.. What could be the problem?
  5. I have the POD XT PRO and MKII shortboard as my main rig and it works flawlessly for everything you mentioned. They can be found on the used market for less than a $100. I was looking and found a mint condition one for $50 from an unemployed drummer.
  6. Solution Found !! After updating both the POD XT PRO and the FBV MKII Shortboard to the latest firmware and software via Line 6 monkey, I now have the ability to turn the compressor ON/OFF with the FUNCTION 1 button on the switch. Here's how: - push the I/O & DIG SELECT button on the right side of the POD XT PRO - scroll down through the menus with the SELECT page knob until you reach the GLOBAL OPTIONS page - change the LP SW option from LOOP to COMP that's all there's to it. I don't use the POD XT PRO's effects loop, but I do like using the compressor as a solo boost for patches. Now I have that option at my feet! :-)
  7. well, that sucks I guess, especially after spending an entire afternoon sticking winxp on an old laptop so I could make changes on the MKII, because of the thing not being recognized by monkey or the editor program in WIN 7
  8. I have a POD XT PRO and a MKII Shortboard I have both units upgraded to their latest firewares and softwares via Monkey. The problem: The shortboard is supposed to work with the POD XT PRO via the default settings. Most buttons/switches on the MKII work the way they should except for one..... the FUNCTION 1 button. It says in the manual this button function turns the compressor on/off by default. However it does not when this is connected via the normal ethernet cable hookup. I tried changing the MKII's function in the FBV edit program, changing FUNCTION 1 button to CC 26 (compressor on/off), clicked save, exited the program, then hooked up the MKII back to the pod xt pro, powered up the POD and checked to see if it worked, but it's still a no-go. Any ideas/fixes for what's going on here ?
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