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  1. Update: Some of this is pilot error. I had moved the program to another folder. When I moved it back, it started working again. But as I continued to use it, it started the same type of behaviour....'freezing'. At this point I'm wondering about my usb cable. I will try to find one tomorrow to see if that fixes it and report back.
  2. Well, I must have done something wrong..... not blaming line 6 at this point. I managed at first to update my powercab+, and the power edit software. It was working fine until I started to put in my Live Ready IRs. It went okay for the first couple, then started to get glitchy.... froze up and I had to reboot. Then it froze again and crashed. Now when I try to fire it, it goes into an endless 'creating power cab engine' loop. I've tried reinstalling but I have the same result. I am using a quad core Mac trash can and have tried other usb ports. Any ideas? ......Thanks
  3. Thanks for the help. I'm returning the cable because I think it's defective. FYI, I did try a Bose T1 to base cable and it works like a charm.
  4. Thanks. I definitely have been using proper orientation for the connector but it will not even try to slide in on the Jtv OR my helix. The cable that came with the Jtv goes in without problem. This has me baffled.
  5. Hi. I finally got my 89F and had got what I believed to be a variax cable. Didn't turn out to be even though it says clearly that it is. It won't go into either the helix or JTV? I've attached a couple pics. What specific cable should I get? Also, anyone know if I can use a BOSE connection cable (T1 to base)? It looks the same and also carries power. Thanks
  6. Thanks for the help. Pilot error. It turned out I needed to set the volume knob to digital so I could lower the volume and works like a charm!
  7. I need help guys. I just got an L2T to use with helix. I'm not happy. It sounds boomy and harsh. Thought it might be that I wasn't using the L6 link cable so went out and spent a hundred on it and it hasn't changed. I'm running from the helix out the link port to the link port in the L2T. I also have it set to PA, in spite of it wanting to change itself to monitor, and its on the legs. This is really frustrating! It doesn't sound even close to what I get in pro tools or even through the headphones. Seems like the output of the helix is WAY hot for the L2T. It's breaking up and well... harsh and muddy. I've got to be doing something wrong but for the life of me I can't figure it out. I'm not giving up on this thing but I'm stuck, and I have band practices this weekend. Help?
  8. Thanks Charlie, but I live in Canada. The shipping, duty and exchange would kill. ;)
  9. Is anybody else having a hard time getting a VARIAX? I ordered the guitar from L&M in Toronto and was given a two month delivery date. It was suggested I should pay up front because if I only did a deposit, if someone else came up with the cash I would loose out. So I did. And my order is #4 on the list for the exact same guitar. Anyway, that two month date was extended by two weeks only a few days after I ordered. And now that I am past delivery date, I finally was told my new date is the end of May (another 6 weeks!)....and it will be interesting to see if that date doesn't get moved as well. L&M says it's their distributor (Yorkville Sound) telling them this is all changes direct from Line 6. Yet I've seen a pic of a lot of variax waiting to get shipped and it's not uncommon to see posts saying they walked into a store and had no difficulty. This is beyond rediculous. Do any of you know a contact person in Line 6 to talk to about this? Or is there a Line 6 salesperson that will talk to me? It baffles me how this happens and I've been buying gear for more than 40 years. I could see to some extent how my helix was slow coming because it was a relatively new product. But the 89 has been out for what, 3 years now? This business of putting out the full cash for Line 6 equipment and waiting for extended periods of time is a crappy way to do business,no? If any of the 3 other people who ordered the same guitar from L&M are here, I would be interested to know how long you have been waiting and your thoughts on this as well. Thanks
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