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  1. Hello Is anyone having an issue updating the HX Effects firmware? I got a brand new unit 6th March (they finally arrived in Europe), I downloaded the USB Drivers, Line 6 Update and even HX Edit and the update refuses to happen on a Windows 7 machine, the update crashes during the process and following the L6 Update suggestions to restart the HX Effects doesn't help, just results in the same crash. On a Windows 10 machine, L6 Update refuses to start when the HX Effects is connected to the PC, and when you disconnect the HX Effects you can then get L6 UPdate to start, but it crashes as soon as you turn the HX Effects on and it's connected to the PC. I've opened a ticket with Line 6 but seeing as it's the weekend no-one form there is going to answer until Monday at the earliest or even Wednesday, by which time I will be even further into the period that I can return the unit to the shop and get my money back, I thought I'D see if anyone here has any suggestions.
  2. Ha ha! I can't believe I made that error. Thanks very much VirtualGuitars, from the manual "snapshots" seems to be the way to go but it's great to get someone commenting who has real world experience, much appreciated!
  3. Yeah, I tried that, I didn't get very far unfortunately so I am trying asking the public :) I'm not whinning, I'm sure the line6 people help as much as they can. iknowathingortwo : with your setup are you changing effects on the Helix and external amp channels at the same time with one foot switch press?
  4. Thanks for the reply iknowathingortwo. I went with the "jump in the fire" option and just bought one anyway. I've got 14 days to get it to the rehearsal studio, plug it into my amps and see if I can get this to work Based on recent experience, I'm not sure I can rely on Line 6 for any help in that time frame :P
  5. Hi I am hoping this question has not been asked already, I did a quick trawl of the threads but couldn't see anything on this topic so here goes. I am running 2 amps which use TRS button foot switches with 2 buttons for various functions. Amp 1 : Peavey 6505+ combo Button 1 switches channel 1 from clean to crunch. Button 2 changes switches between Channel 1 and Channel 2. Amp 2 : Peavey Valveking 50 MKII Button 1 switches from Channel 1 (clean) to Channel 2 (dirty) Button 2 engages the "boost" function which basically increases the volume. I am currently running these amps simultaneously in mono using an ABY box, most often with both amps running at the same time either both "clean" or both "dirty" Using the 2 effects "EXT AMP" outputs I am hoping to do the following: Connect EXT AMP 1 to Amp 1 6505+. Connect EXT AMP 2 to Amp 2 Valveking I am wondering if someone can tell me if the HX Effects can do the following: A) with one button press switch both amps from clean to dirty B) with both amps dirty, with one button press switch one amp from dirty to clean and leave the other amp dirty C) with both amps clean, with one button press switch one amp from clean to dirty and leave the other amp clean I suppose the simple version of the question is, can a foot switch be programmed to make external amp changes sending a signal via EXT AMP 1 and 2 at the same time? Does anyone know if this is possible? If this is possible, can A, B and C be combined with changing effects as well? Thanks for any help that is offered :)
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