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  1. Hey guys. Had my last practice with my hd400 yesterday. Getting the hd500x on Wednesday. I plan on creating several stereo patches. But there's a few things I'd like to prempt. 1. If I split a channel to two separate amps, and then merge back and put effects after the split. Will it still be stereo. Or will it be mixed back down to mono. 2. How do you connect it to a pa that doesn't have a pan on each channel. It does have rca connection. Can I use an rca connector at the end of my guitar cables? Or would they operate at different levels? (Are they all line level) 3. What cheap cases can fit the pod and cables?
  2. With them just announcing that new HELIX, i might be in for a wee bit of a price drop! Mwahahaha. Also, when switching between patches is there any lag? The HD400 has a wee bit that does my nut in, though no one seems to notice. Im going to have to try one out. How much should I be looking at for a used DL4? I still have the box and manuals, and original reciept from like 10 years ago.
  3. I want as simple a set up as possible. I want to be light travelling. The pedalboard I have everything on right now is far heavier than just the pod. It's all about simplicity, my sound is simple enough. So should my rig. I don't know anyone with one I could borrow. That's why I can't try. There's no line 6 dealers where I live which is a shame, there's so many of their products is buy if I could try em.
  4. Yeah, I'd like to imagine that using a tubescreamer and delay isn't too much for the machine. Like I said I use the hd400. And it is capable of using the partical reverb with a massively slow decay, a massive delay AND the octo reverb, with room left for a modulator.
  5. hey, I'm an extremely happy hd400 user. My setup is guitar into hd400 with line 6 dl4 in the effects loop. Straight into the power amp section of a crate power block. Looking to possibly upgrade to hd500x. Main reason being, is that it looks to me like you can set it to use multiple amps in one patch. Meaning that I can have a clean tone, assign a tubescreamer to a pedal to come on and off to give me a driven tone, and switch to a lead channel to give me a driven lead tone. The plus to this is that I can have one patch with one global delay, so I don't have to re set my tap tempo when I change sound. Am I right, or am I not?
  6. I always found cleans to be this. But someone told me to use a parametric EQ, It worked a charm! Crank up the bass for a really full sound.
  7. So it seems im probably just as well keeping with what I have? I don't know if this is a feature that would be in high demand. Its stressful because its only really one of our tracks that need it. But its one that all of our fans love. It got to number 1 on the iTunes metal chart in July, so its one we kind of have to nail. But what your saying about the screamer could be interesting, ive seen that you can set the HD500 to switch between 2 amps by setting a footswitch to mute one amp and go to another, so i could essentially set up like this? guitar ------ screamer ---------Clean amp------->delay------> AMP I-----Treadplate ----I
  8. Personally, I use a crate powerblock, and go straight into the back at the effects loop. It works perfectly for me! And since its only the power amp section I use, there is no need to carry round a big amp.
  9. Hey, I have recently converted from a board with lots of seperate pedals, to an HD400 with a DL4 in the effects loop. Absolutely love it. Bought a crate power block as a power amp and it all seems to work together perfectly. However, I want to get rid of the dl4 so i can simply plug in the pod and go. Problem is, in some of my songs I use a timed delay, but go from a clean sound, to a crunch sound, to a heavy sound, but want to keep the same time delay with the trails from the previous sound. As far as I know there is no way to do this with the HD400. However, Ive been looking at possibly upgrading to an hd500/x. Do these offer this? I cant find the info I need browsing. I see in each bank you have patch a,b,c,d and footswitches. Is it possible to use the same footswitches with the same effects whilst switching patches? Any help would be highly appreciated.
  10. Hi guys, ive recently Acuired an HD400. Loving it! However, im struggling with a few things... 1. Tap tempo. Is it posible to set tap tempo so that it is Aplicable to any patch? So it doesnt revert back to the saved tempo? 2. Stombox bypass Is there away to change it so the amp bypass switches between 2 amps? Because that way i could use one delay and one global tempo. 3. 4 cable method Is there a way that using the stombox mode in the 4 cable method i can use the clean channel of my amp when the amp is bypassed and then bypass the preamp of my amp when I turn the amp on? Hope this makes sense...
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