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  1. Hi to all! Need advide and orientation about how to connect Helix with a Crate FlexWave FW120HS Half Stack, This amp only have one jack to connect an external signal processor to the amplifier with a Stereo-to-mono Y-cord: The Helix have send and return, wich way is better for audio signal ?,do you have experience with this amp,?
  2. No, I followed all the instructions, finnaly with this steps is fine now!!! ( this step is from robbieb61 topic from this forum) Turn it off, turn it back on while holding down buttons 6 and 12 (the last buttons on the top and bottom rows). That took me into "Update Mode" ,(the screen was black???) Change the usb cable, it seems problematic ! but now line 6 update shows me my Helix,(Chad Boston Youtube Channel advice) Download the firmware to local update, first downgrade to HELIX_FLOOR_1_06_5_bundle version, then update Helix_FLOOR_v2_21_0_bundle, now in working again with the last version!!! As I said again , I follow all the steps, I Think the problem was the usb cable!! t Too bad the unit comes with such a cable!!!!
  3. The server seems to be very slow, when i downloaded the arcvhive , my internet connection is 30 MB , the file took more than 50 minutes to, downloading !!
  4. I try several times from your server to download Helix v2.21 Installer, I follow all the instructions , it seems that the archive was corrupt!!!! I installed the last archive Helix v2.21 Installer (5) and as I said , I followed all the instructiions!!!
  5. First I try to download several times de Helix v,2.21 installer, my helix version 1.06.5 Says!! boot failure,entered update model when I try to update to version 2.21 , tray again and now shows this screen, , line 6 update does not work, to select device to update, usb helix port does not work, I followed all the instructions !!!! http://youtu.be/Ws8H8ZWybIw
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