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  1. Hi I'm buying a new amp, Blackstar ht stage 60 to use with my fx100. My idea was to have two different setups: 1 - main out into amp input, using effects withou amp simulation 2 - main out to effect loop using amp simulation Swapping between those two with a ABY pedal! Question are: are those two setups ok for the amp and the pedal? Can I swap between those two setups with the amp on without damaging the amp? Thanks for your inputs! Regards!
  2. But if i want a full emulated sound from FX100 and no color from my Amp's preamp??
  3. Hi guys, I see that FX100 doesn't have FX loop outputs. I would like to have the possibility of not use any effect from FX100 and just use my Amp sound. Can I use the AMP OUT from FX100 direct on the guitar in from my amp, with NO effects on the bank for a 100% amp sound. Using a ABY pedal send the AMP OUT to the Return FX loop to bypass my amp preamp, using a guitar effect from FX100. Is there other way of doing this? BR Tales Ribeiro
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