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  1. Thanks a lot for advice! This is what i trying to do. But i'm not actually sure how to connect my looper pedal to helix so it will work that way . Never used a pedal with helix. My looper pedal has In, Ctrl in, To mixer and To amp. So how do i connect/put wires from it to helix and guitar? I use only headphones.
  2. How do i connect looper pedal to helix? And can i change presets in helix, whitout that external looper pedal don't change sound at same time. Exsample first loop clean and distortion over it? Thanks!
  3. What interface you recommend with Native? At the moment i have pod hd 500 as interface. Is there better options. Example, is hx stomp better sounding interface for native? Or something else even lower price?
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