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  1. hola salu2, sorry for my english What is a factory reset? How do I do a factory reset? I do not have any pedal FBV. I have not downloaded any updated firmware. the amplifier is as fresh out of the factory. mmm HELP THANXS :)
  2. hi im carlos I have the following problem: I have a line6 spider IV amp. For some time, the delay effect is activated without having moved the switch. My favorite preset is like buttah. After ignition amplifier, delay effect runs without activating the switch a few bars. It is very uncomfortable because while play guitar at times the effect is activated. Every minute is activated and after the amp back to its natural state but one minute later altered again. It is impossible to change preset because the delay is activated only interrupting the operation of preset change. What do I do? :unsure: was a mistake to buy the spider iv? :blink: as I fix this? :rolleyes: I'm the one who would happen? <_< atentamente: Carlos Gonzalez Ortiz :)
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