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  1. Hi everyone, so just an update, i’ve been following full compass for sometime now and saw this Line 6 50-04-0085 https://www.fullcompass.com/prod/285235-line-6-50-04-0085-ui-pcb-for-jtv-89 the email i had with the line 6 support told me i should need this part part# 50-02-0126 and/or Part# 50-02-0107 upon inspecting it (by its picture only) it seems to look like the one i posted from the shuriken, i’m just wondering if i could use this instead of waiting for the suggested part#? the only thing i cant confirm yet is if the shaft is as long as the shuriken. its been months since i've used this guitar. i hope i can used this.
  2. That's good to hear, will wait then. Stay safe and thanks for the response.
  3. so far what i’ve been able to find out with the pot is... Series: 9mm dual metal shaft, multi-ganged series shaft length: 20mm Connection: 9 pin/leg Resistance: nominal b10k, nominal b10k, a500k Alpha Model: Alpha RD923DF series (possibly) is this correct? though, I cant seem to find a store who sells this type of pot
  4. i have a support ticket, just two response basically saying to wait. i also said i just need the model or the place/site i could order the part so i can do it myself for full compass, do i just order the volume pot for variax 300/600? from what i can see the pots are pretty different, though i havent pulled it out yet. i know its rare, i had many guitars before and i never had this issue, and now my first variax, then this. i just cant believe a broken vol pot would render this guitar useless
  5. you're saying i can't get that part without buying the whole board? then what do you suggest? am i the only one who had this issue? there must be some work arounds?
  6. its rotating (blue part) all the way 360° without stopping unlike a normal vol pot I understand, so i'm also doing my own research, if only I could be pointed on where to buy the pots i think i can fix this myself (the fullcompass link i've been seeing online seems to be out of stock; i also dont know if it's the correct type for the shuriken)
  7. it's this part... (pic for ref) the pot shaft (red) against the inner knob (blue) and it doesnt function, tried it all night.
  8. just right now while i was practicing, my guitar's volume knob decided to turn past its limit, and now it wouldnt make any sound. so i checked under the hood to see what kind of vol pot it has so that i'll just order one for replacement. the problem now is that i can't seem to find any replacement parts for this at any online shop. and i'm working overseas for me to take it to any service center. please help me line 6, i'm really panicking right now because this is the only guitar i have here to keep me sane from this lockdown. i'm attaching the pots for reference
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