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  1. Line 6 should make a Vetta 3;there is no reason to spend so much money for axe fx and other digital products.The Vetta is old and is still kicking asses to the newest. You got all a guitar player need,you can connect it to the computer and make your own sounds in real time by DI connection.You go on stage with 300 watt of pure power,clean sounds and amazing leads.You got top of the noch build-in effects.So where is the deal to spent 2000 bucks for a rack system?If you wanna spent so much money go for a Roadking by Mesa or other brand.I've spent 1000 euros for Vetta 2+FBV longboard+412s Vetta cabinet.best joke of my life and I don't wanna go back.You at line 6 should make a third version of this amp,it's perfect. True story.
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