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  1. Using Fractals hi way robbery prices/features as a comparison is disingenuous. And LIne6 using Fractals pricing as an upper measure for their own pricing is also disingenuous. It comes down to this: Is it worth paying $700 Canadian for scribble strips. capacitive touch, and a pedal edit mode feature? I am not seeing the balance in price for features here. How come you didn't address using the stand alone footswitch to control multiple Helix units or other amps/devices in a live situation? The value in that feature might almost make it worth while. Almost. And you didn't address the wireless connection to the floor wart. I'll have to have something else on the floor beside the tank?
  2. $500 CA for the stand alone footswitch? Really?

  3. How does the Helix receive preset changes? The cost of the foot switcher alone is ridiculous so in order to switch the rack remotely, I'd like to know if a MIDI or other type of foot switcher can be used to switch between presets and banks. Up here in Canada the rack with footswitch is over $2000.00! - EDIT - MY BAD... Canadian pricing would be $2499.98 for both units. That massive 15+ lb. floor wart is not an option. And where would my Relay G50 receiver sit on the Helix? Oh right, I just run a cable to the unit from the wireless. Doh! At that price, there are other tried and tested digital modelling options. I'd be happy with Line6 releasing a simple $200.00 switcher that comes with a roll of masking tape. Come on Line6. $500.00 ($700 Canadian) for just the foot controller? Can it be used in combination with another Helix to enable switching presets for two or more Helixes, Helixi, Helixez, in a live situation? No? WTF? For $700 it can only control one unit? Masking tape and a marker costs about $3. You can even get multi coloured masking tape!
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