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  1. Thanks Guitarkyller, Indeed my questions are answered. Thanks for the info from the manual! Very helpful! Steve
  2. Guitarkyller/davidegirardi, Thanks so much! I couldn't find anything on the LED operation in my searches of the site. This makes perfect sense to me now. I wish the LED would be better described in the Variax manual though - Line 6 - Are you listening?? Anyway, I think I am good now. Thanks again!!! Steve
  3. Thanks for the reply cruisinon2! Any others that can chime in on the charger LED decode and potential battery issue? Thanks! Steve
  4. Hello All, Battery charging question. The other night I pressed the button on the guitar to see how the battery was doing and only 1 LED on the guitar came on indicating the battery was on the low side, so I removed the battery and placed it in the charger. The LED on the charger was a solid RED at the beginning of the charging. At the end of the day I went to get the battery and the charger LED was blinking RED. In the past I think if the charging was complete the LED would be green (not sure as I use the Variax with my Helix which powers the guitar so I don't think about the battery much). Placing the battery back in the guitar it shows 4 LED's which indicates a full charge. Is there something wrong with my battery or charger? What does the blinking RED LED on the charger mean? I have not had the guitar for a year yet so hopefully there is still some warranty. Secondary question: Is there any problem with leaving the battery in the guitar when I mostly power the guitar with my Helix? Thanks!! Steve
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