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  1. ... itisfinallyworkinghellyeah.mp3
  2. edit: actually not fixed at all :(
  3. teremy

    Hd500 + Emg Dg-20

    But the recording pretty much what I hear when I have my headphones connected to the pod hd500 and that means I don't even have it connected via usb to my computer, so can't be the drivers? Also tried on another computer. I am using audacity and I don't see anything like POD HD ASIO, I'm just selecting "Digital Audio Interface (Line 6 POD HD500)". Also I installed the current drivers and firmware etc. etc.
  4. Hello. Following another topic of mine ( http://line6.com/support/topic/7044-pod-hd-500-low-volumeoutput/ ). Does anybody own the hd500 + the emg dg-20? This would really be helpful, I think something's wrong with my hd500, so for testing purpose it would be best if someone could record something ( using usb ) and post the recording + preset he used ( maybe also add additional information like which pickup was selected and the spc and exp configuration of the guitar ).
  5. Bought it online but it's no problem sending it back. I will wait for the stuff from the guy with the same pickups and I will borrow another guitar from a friend to test with. Then if I still have the impression of my HD500 having a defect or something, I will send it back.
  6. As I said in my original post, I have set it to Studio/Direct, also tried out other options. Some people were experiencing problems when they set the second input to "Guitar" or "Same" ( http://line6.com/supportarchivenew/thread/74045?start=0&tstart=0 ), still doesn't fix my problem.
  7. But the tone I used was the exact tone that you used for your recording? I know there are differences, since we're using a different guitar, but with 2 guitars that I have tested with, I don't think it sounds great. What exactly is PAD btw.? What does it stand for? I have tried that option ( with many other options ) though... I don't 100% know if there's something wrong with my hd500, but I have spend much more time tweaking the sound than actual playing and I don't want that to continue. I was also using bridge pickups. I guess they are hotter, they are active humbuckers. Good thing my friend owns multiple guitars, so I guess I borrow another one that has passive ones. Still what bothers me is that I can't seem to get a decent tone out of my hd500. Compared to the ones I found on youtube it sounds like total crap, also when they provide their presets it sounds so different + I always have to turn volume up or boost the signal etc. to just be able to use the preset and even with some tweaking I don't get it to sound as good as it does in the video.
  8. Or maybe it is the hd500 that's causing the problem. I was looking for some presets on youtube, so I can hear what it can actually sound like and then use the preset in my hd500 to hear what it sounds like with my equip. My friend's guitar has humbuckers and since the emg's in my guitar are single coils, shouldn't I be able to get a sound at least similar to what I'm hearing? With either guitar It doesn't sound good :/. What guitar/pickups did you use (sounds like a telecaster to me)? Whatever I record it sounds nothing compared to your recording, even with my friend's guitar (that has cost 675€)! Did you use a pick for the playing? Here I have recorded with my friend's guitar with the settings I attached ( the one you also posted as an image ), centered pan and no boost. I don't think it sounds good and when it comes to a lead sound it just sucks, also the bass seems to overdrive the sound, so when playing lower notes the sounds is much louder ( though it doesn't really sound that much louder, it just overdrives and clipping occurs ). What I recorded doesn't sound like complete crap, but it is nothing compared to your recording and even something that simple, I was not able to achieve up to this point. Thanks for your help guys! testing.mp3
  9. Yep those are the Gilmour pickups. I found someone on the internet who owns a hd500 and has the same pickups ( I posted a video of him in my original post ) and he is willing to send me a preset and record something with it. Then I have the best possible comparison! I'll let you know how it turned out.
  10. I never plugged it into a real amp and the sound I hear through headphones is the same sound that is recorded, but here lies the problem ;-). Let's assume there is something wrong with my EMG DG-20's. I didn't buy them directly from EMG, so what can I do now? Is there a way to somehow test the output ( using some tool or anything? ). EMG also doesn't seem to have a forum nor can I find anything related to customer support. I have installed the pickups on my own but I'd say there wasn't much you could do wrong since it came assembled on a pickguard and all you had todo was some screwing, no soldering was involved... Considering others get a great tone with those pickups and I am using the exact settings, there MUST be something wrong.
  11. I borrowed the guitar of a friend and it seems the problem has something todo with my guitar. His guitar has way better output and the guitar cable also doesn't change anything. I already took a look into my guitar and fixed some loose connection, but the output is still the same :/. I will test some more tomorrow and maybe let some professional have a look at my guitar.
  12. Also tried again with your settings and with the mixer levels set to +12db. The sound is still very quiet and when I use the "microphone boost" I get a lollipop sound that is overdriven and there's also clipping. I have never been happier about something being wrong :D . Have to wait some days in order to test it with my friends guitar + new guitar cable etc....
  13. THANK YOU! Now that really helps! So I do have an actual problem here. You were using the settings I provided in my original post, right? I own the hd500 since september last year and in the meantime got a new pc, the problem has always been there ( been using compression and distortion etc. to get a somewhat useful volume, but also many background noises, I'm kind of cross with myself now, since I didn't really do anything about it, thankfully I still got guaranty ). I read so many stuff and I'm not a noob regarding the configuration, also I can usually help myself using google, but not this time. I have ordered a new guitar cable ( of quality ) that will arrive until tuesday. Also messaged a friend if he could lend me his guitar + guitar cable for one day ( he will ;) ) and then I will also try it using my laptop ( so another computer ). That should tell that the problem lies within the hd500. @Brazzy: Your test.mp3 sounds fine and I have NEVER been able to get such a good tone out of my hd500! The batteries of my EMGs are also fully loaded ( just switched them ), I bought the pickups with the hd500 and also had it tested with my old pickups. Maybe I also find a way to test a hd500 in a shop and also bring my own for comparison. Thank you guys, this helped a lot!
  14. Yes, I also tried the microphone boost, though I don't think it is necessarily a good idea, since the tone can get distorted? It of course makes it louder, but still doesn't sound right. When somebody is also using the hd500 and the same pickups, shouldn't I get the same result using the same settings? It's also set to 100 under "Levels".
  15. As I said I am using the 2-Line POD HD500 device to record. I also attached a recording and you don't get such result if you're just recording an unamplified guitar. Also under the recording devices I can see how loud my playing is ( just like you can with a microphone etc. ). Using a different software than audacity doesn't matter, since I can roughly see the volume under the recording devices and also hear it because my headphones are plugged in the hd500. What would help is if someone could record just a few chords or anything using the settings I have mentioned in my original post. Still got the idea that something is wrong :/.
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