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  1. Another problem that can arise - I was set to record and playback at 192kHz. Since Helix Native goes up to 96kHz, it will not load, and closes Reaper.
  2. Hi, same problem with my Spyder V 60. Moved to a new house. Hadn't used it for more than a year. brought it out to use and - No sound. Tried updates and factory reset, but no luck. Wired or wireless - no sound on any setting.
  3. I am wondering if I can use OUT B to go to effects and return to AUX IN, creating a switchable effects loop, when I use OUT A to preamp/amp. Selecting OUT A = no effects; adding OUT A plus OUT B would give effects in the chain. Or would I get phase problems, feedback, or possible damage to unit?
  4. Any ideas on how to smooth or round out the double bass effect in the synth mod section? Not nearly as good as the octave pedal in the HD500.
  5. Bass amps modelled are in American Type: 50s Tweed B-man (Fender Bassman) and 1972 Silvertone. You can model a 4x10 cab. I'm a harp player, but I think the Tweed Bman sounds just like my old Fender 4x10 Bassman.
  6. It does turn out that the G50 no longer works, though. Will look at how to update G50 receiver.
  7. I was able to connect. I scrolled through all the channels 1-14(! there were 12 before?) then it worked o channel 1. The G50 may have been competing. It was still plugged in to another system in the room.
  8. I cannot get the TBP12 transmitter to connect to the Spider V 60 amp. I changed the Global setting for wireless to manual, have both amp and TBP12 set to channel 1, but no sound. Wireless RX says v. - not adjustable Any ideas?
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