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  1. Hi again, I have a laptop, Asus. Yes, I have tried them all. What do you mean with "your default sound setting set"? I wrote to Tech, and they answered: "Hi, Thanks for your inquiry. Please download Pod Farm from our website. Then connect your KB37 to your computer, run Line 6 Licence Manager, de- and reauthorize your devices. Pod Farm should now appear as an add- on in Licence Manager. Please let me know the result. And later after I did that: Please run Line 6 Monkey to install the lastest firmware/driver of the KB37, if necessary. Can you see Pod Farm as an add- on when you run Licence Manager? What speaker do you use? I did all that, but the problem remains. I see Pod Farm as av add- on and I use the speakers on my KB37, with headphones.
  2. This is strange... I reinstalled everything and did what you said, but the problem remains. The sound is all crazy, when i plug in my guitar, it sounds like some kind of sci-fi movie, howling and echoing, just distorted, you know. I then got the idea that i should listen to a song from youtube through the keyboard, i figured that maybe the Line 6 KB37 was broken and the sound was exactly the same, Distored as hell. I then started my old computer, it,s old and worthless and keep chrashing all the time, sometimes it won,t even start, but this time it did, and the sound was ok, i played with my guitar a few minutes and then it crashed, but at least now i know that the keyboard isn,t broken. So what can the problem be? Why is the sound all distorted on my new computer?
  3. Hi, thanks for your reply! Yes, I have authorized both. How do I check that? I think maybe something went wrong when I installed Pod Farm, I have no sound from when I plug in the intruments, instead I hear a a kind of buzzing-sound. Gonna try to reinstall it.
  4. Hi, I have a similiar problem. My old computer has broken down and I,m tryin to get Pod Farm to work on my new one. My Line 6 KB36 ( with Line 6 monkey & Licence Manager) is installed, but I don,t have no sound in Pod Farm even though it says it,s connected to the KB36. I have also autorized my new computer. My guess is that Pod Farm don,t work because i haven,t activaded it with a code, the problem is that I Think I have lost it, does anyone know who I should Contact for a new one?
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