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  1. Slightly different levels/guitar eq settings... FTBBaseWork3.mp3
  2. This is the closest I think I am going to get using just the 500X's EQs and compressors. Four guitar tracks, 100 Crunch, JCM2204, Variac Plexi, and a Recto/JCM800. Bass is an SVT/Cougar combination. Drums are an old school sampler - Drumkit From Hell Superior. I ended up with them somewhat low in the mix as on the ORIGINAL RTL CD the drums are not as prominent as some of today's modern mixes. Once I get the solos down clean I'll track the whole song. (By then, Helix will probably be out and I'll have to track the whole song again!) FTBBaseWork2.mp3
  3. Well, after hours and hours of working with amp sims, IRS, and virtual pedals, I decided my POD sounds better and "feels" better than a virtual rig. Had some OK results using IRs through the FX loop with the PODs amps but ultimately I ended up with just a tube screamer, 2 Sol Crunchs and the rest of the blocks filled up with EQs...way too much work! Here are my current results, 2 guitar tracks 100%R and 100%L and then with a drum track. Please pardon my sloppy playing!FTB100crunch.mp3 FTB100crunchdrums.mp3
  4. I curse thee for introducing me to the deep, bottomless abyss that is the world of IRs!
  5. TX cziessel...looks like Im calling in sick the rest of the week!
  6. Nice that sounds a little closer than mine!
  7. No but that is the actual studio track of the tone I am shooting for. Tx for the suggestions. My track is just the Line 6 Distortion into the Soldano Clean. Malhavok/BenVesco had an X3 patch that was pretty close but it really does'nt translate to the 500.
  8. Looking for a little help from the community in capturing one of the '80s most elusive tones..... I have scoured both Customtone and the web but have not been able to quite dial it in. Here is the goal...Elusive tone.mp3 My progress so far...My best so far.mp3 Thanks for any help or suggestions!
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