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    How Do I Set Volume Levels For The Different Guitar Model Amps?

    copy that, Uber....I'm down with that, thanks for the response, but I'm having trouble with that manual editing of volume procedure, can you give a walk-thru, even a general tip? I don't see the specific instructions in any manual, I don't see a detailed step-by-step. I do read and follow procedures well, but haven't found the text yet. Thank you again, kind-rocking-sir.
  2. When switching between clean/twang/blues and insane/metal amps....the volume levels on the insane and metal are huge loud, while the previous mentioned amp settings aren't nearly as loud. HELP!. I have the Spider Jam 2.0, bought new from Guitar Center, and the FBV Shortboard MKII, bought used from Guitar Center a year later.