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  1. seek18

    patches line6 Helix classic and HX Stomp Model

    yes. that was my question. thanks for your reply. if someone knows some converter software formats of different line6 models would appreciate it. I have several models. Thank you
  2. Hi. can you tell me if the patches (custon tone preset web) of the classic line6 helix model are valid for the HX Stomp model? Thank you
  3. seek18

    Helix rack patches

    This is what confuses me; http://line6.com/customtone/tone/2590298/
  4. seek18

    Helix rack patches

    thanks! do not understand why people who contribute their patches to helix rack saves in * .l6t I thought the editor helix recognizes only files with extension * .hlx the * .l6t are not for versions? type pod.xt.2.0 ....
  5. seek18

    Helix rack patches

    Hello, I'm valuing buy a rack helix, can someone tell me if the patches of the web created for soil helix .are valid for the helix rack? Thanks