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  1. Yup, I noticed that in the stock PV Panama preset, there's a compressor in front of the amp, and it does an amazing trick actually : it almost acts like an overdrive but without adding drive and fizziness ! And you're absolutely right about Ownhammer : I bought the FMAN V93 and it's a game changer really so thanks for that amazing suggestion :) Ah yes pre-EQ ! I use that a lot thanks to Sonic Drive Studio, but I never considered turning up the level, I'm gonna try that :) High-passing the high block seems like a good idea as well, I kinda forgot we could do that since I use Native at home with NadIR to load the IRs ^^
  2. Hi there you beautiful people :) I am the lucky and happy owner of an Helix Floor unit, and I'm trying to recreate the high gain rhythm sound heared in this video. I need some help to achieve this one, 'cause I don't really know where to start, amp aside (I'm obviously using the Revv Gen Red block for this one). I tried several things, with a Tube Screamer in the front, a Teemah! or even with a pre-eq to cut some low frequencies going into the amp but I can't get close to the tightness and punch I hear in the video. So if you have any tips, any ideas (amp, IR, overdrive, pre-EQ, pre-compressor and whatnot), I'm open ! BTW, I'm using a 7 string with Fishman Fluence Modern Pickups in it, mainly active voicing. Thanks o/
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